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ENG. CH. BRUSH was never imported to the United States or Canada but many of his children were and have gone on to help extensively in developing the new breed across the ocean from where it all began. Brush was a black Spaniel and prior to CH. OBO II's influence on the breed was thought to be the best specimen available to breed the Cocker Dams of that era too.

By looking at the artist rendering of Brush we would say that he looks more like a Modern Cocker as he was much more up on leg, had a little more neck than Obo II. He also had a narrower ear leather than Obo, a much more refined and "Setterish" looking head than his rival. Brush had little coat, a small fringe on the backs of his front legs, a small flag on the end of his tail, and very little feathering to his ears. With his length of leg he should have been able to travel in the field for much longer periods of time than Obo would have.

Of course the Cockers of today are much more refined and have a much shorter back, longer neck, a short square muzzle and are more up on leg just as Brush was in the beginning. Although Brush and the modern Cocker have some traits in common the biggest thing that he would be lacking was the profuse coat of his later descendents and the much more modern short, square muzzle with a much more pronounced stop and the bigger domed head.


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