Brush II (name changed to Watermark)

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Brush II, an ENG. CH. BRUSH son, who when he was imported to Canada had his name changed to Watermark. This can sometimes lead to a little confusion when trying to figure out your pedigree's. He also was a black Spaniel. For a short time he was the predominant choice as a sire for the dams of the day. When Ch. Obo II arrived the new fad became the "long and low" dog. Therefore Brush II (or Watermark as he would be known then) and his sire Eng. Ch. Brush were thought to be of no great an influence on the breed. The breeders of this time suddenly had a new phrase that they bandied about quite freely this being that "Oh, Brush's sun has set" meaning that they no longer considered him an important factor in the development of this new breed. Little did they know then that his influence would be felt for many years to come. According to Mrs. Greer's research on the 65 and then some litter's that CH. OBO II sired, the majority of these puppies were out of dams carrying the Brush Line.


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